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On average, eating fast food for three meals a day costs more than buying a meal plan. Click here to start saving with a Meal Plan.


Download MyfitnessPal to make your New Years resolution to eat healthy on campus even easier! Our menu information can be found through the MyFitnessPal app!

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Our goal as the Food Service provider at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga is to offer the best service and quality in all aspects of our business.

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UTC Dining Services offers a variety of meal memberships designed for students who will be living on campus or commuting to campus several times a week during the academic year. A meal plan gains you access to Crossroads Dining Hall, UTC's all you care to eat facility. All you need is your Mocs Card, and you're set! Instead of worrying about retail prices or budgeting for food, you can spend that time studying for class. Let us cook for you AND clean up the mess! You have enough to worry about. Click the button below to learn more about our meal plan options for Spring 2015.

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Crossroads Dining Hall
Friday January 16th: 7am-7pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th: 11am-7pm

Friday January 16th: 10am-3pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th: Closed

South Campus Market
Friday January 16th: 11am-12am
Saturday January 17th-Sunday January 18th: Closed
Monday January 19th: 4pm-10pm

Boling POD Market
Friday January 16th: 11am-10pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th: closed

Scrappy's Mug
Friday January 16th: 7:30am-2pm
Saturday January 17th -Monday January 19th: Closed

Scrappy's Place Food Court
Friday January 16th: 7:30am-8pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th: Closed

Java City Fletcher
Friday January 16th: 7:30am-3pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th: Closed

Friday January 16th: 7:30-7pm
Saturday January 17th-Monday January 19th closed

Beginning of semester Spring 2015

Friday January 2rd

Crossroads Dining Hall: 11am-7pm

Saturday January 3th

Crossroads Dining Hall: 11am-7pm

Sunday January 4th

Crossroads Dining Hall: 11am-7pm

South Campus Market: 4pm-10pm

Starbucks: 10am-8pm